I want to support you in spending more time in the present, in coming home to your body.

I believe true healing is not about “fixing’ something. It is about remembering that you are whole, perfect and complete just as you are. Worthy of love, safety, peace, connection and abundance. My mission is to support you in remembering. My vision for you is a life where you know in the bones of your soul that the magic is in slowing down, in being vs doing.

It is in this space where your deepest healing will occur. It is here you will have your greatest insights, where knowledge will become known in your bones as truth. It is where your shadowy bits will be lovingly tended to and integrated into wholeness. Where your nervous system will return to a restful state that you can create from. It is here you will make a nest in gratitude and realise you have far more than you’ll ever need.

Breathwork has been, by far, the most pivotal tool in my quest for practices that support me in returning to presence. There were patterns I was aware of for decades that I just couldn’t shift. I was chronically overwhelmed, addicted to worrying, riddled with anxiety and low self worth. What needed to change was not the external circumstances in my life, but rather my internal state.

Breathwork allowed me to do this.

christa stands in front of mountain and lake, hands on her heart
a woman lies on the earth floor with her hand on her heart

Breathwork is an ancient modality that has been used for centuries..

as a way of seeking spiritual awakening, self healing and meditative relaxation. It is a somatic practice, a bottoms up approach to healing.

Meaning, you can do all the mindset work in the world, (talk therapy, books, affirmations etc) but at the end of the day if you are not attending to what is stored in the body, and to the state of your nervous system, it is hard to shift patterns.

My practice is built on cornerstones of safety, empowerment, connection and trauma-informed approach. I combine ancient and modern breathwork techniques with music, guided meditation, and room for sharing and intention setting. Every session is unique, inspired and curated to the needs of the group or individual.

Work With Me

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group of business coworkers meditating together at work.

"The breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness."


"I participated in one of Christa’s breath work sessions with a group of women in Edgewood. Christa was a great teacher & did an excellent job guiding our breath work while creating a calm, supportive, loving & open-hearted space. The impact on my nervous system was so tangible. I felt calm & relaxed for the rest of the day.,"
- Karen S.
"What an incredibly skilled, trauma-informed practitioner Christa is. I went from having a traumatic breathing pattern, where awareness of my breath could send me into a panic attack, to befriending my breath and even learning how to use it as a tool to cope with anxiety. I honestly never thought I'd get here, and it's thanks to Christa. Her approach was focused heavily on discerning my needs and approaching them with kindness and softness. She creates such a special, safe space, where I feel like I can be held in my own being. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Her ability to slow down and craft the moment is remarkable, and such a beautiful gift to share. Thank you for everything Christa!,"
- Raye A.