EP Coming Soon

Booking now for Summer and Fall of 2024

Christa Rae is hitting the road to debut her first EP Unshakeable Timbers, dropping May 17.

The EP encapsulates her journey of cultivating self-worth, prioritising presence, and honouring pain and adversity as her greatest teachers. In a world encouraging more and better and faster her intention is to slow you down and remind you of your innate wholeness and worth. With an ever growing repertoire of original songs and unique folk inspired takes of new and old favourites her live performances are sure to soothe your soul and win your heart. 


Christa Rae


Recently an empty nester Christa Rae is hitting the music scene later in life and can’t imagine it being any other way. The amount of growing, healing and self-reflection she needed to do to get to the here and now has greatly influenced her songwriting and unique stage presence.

Self-taught in guitar and vocals, Christa wrote her first song after her Oma died in 2012 and has since used songwriting as a way to navigate and process life’s inevitable losses and transitions. Drawing strength and inspiration from the natural world around her, she aims to nurture feelings of connection and belonging, and to support listeners in dropping from head to heart. Her humour, honesty and relatability are palpable and strongly influenced by her role as a death doula and somatic healer.